The Best Minds on XR Development

We are a network seeking to incorporate XR initiatives at the University of Alberta for collaboration, learning, and engaging in developments on tech surrounding VR and AR technologies whilst keeping a pulse on future tech and upcoming changes at the cutting edge of XR development.

What it Means to Become part of the XR Embassy

The University of Alberta has a rich source of creators, developers, and artists that enrich XR development in our community. The XR Embassy is a way to match-make resources and people to produce credible XR simulations for deployment

The XR Consulate

The governing board of the XR Embassy. Representatives of their respective faculty or development group are ambassadors of the XR Embassy who aid to influence the overall trajectory of XR development out of the University of Alberta.

Want to tap into this network? Send us an email and we will add you to our Slack workspace, a platform we use for communication for events, opportunities, and more!