We Develop

CogPro develops practical and novel tools that are complex yet captivating and easy to utilize. Many of the applications are AI powered meaning tools like Natural Language Processing enrich the interactions between user and the virtual environment.

AR vs VR

Augmented Reality allows the real environment to become enhanced through the overlay of virtual objects. 

Virtual Reality is the rendering of a fully artificial environment that allows the user to immerse and interact with elements and objects.

In collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

VR OSCE Simulator

Developed for students at the University of Alberta for Occupational Therapy students. VR OSCE uses IBM Watson to power our virtual patient.

In collaboration with My Viva

MyViva AR

Therapeutic journaling has been an effective way of dealing with stressful events such as the Fort McMurray evacuations and COVID-19 isolation. Coupled with an AR avatar right from your smartphone, resilience can be built at one’s own pace and privacy.

VR Craniofacial Anatomy

Using real datasets for realistic patient backgrounds, this educational VR application that enables the user to study key anatomical structures and perform lab tests and differential diagnosis

In collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

VR Dental Anesthesia Simulator

By creating a realistic doctor-patient scenario, students can practice the skills necessary to not only properly locate critical injection points, but practice the entire procedure so proper anesthetics and aspiration practices are used.

In collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Scoliosis VR

A condition typically studied in a 2D manner, Scoliosis VR enables the learner to see the distortions of the spine dynamically. The application offers a short lecture and a self-paced exploration session.

Cell 101 VR

Cellular and molecular structures can be difficult to truly understand in 2D textbooks and images; our app lets you explore these structures in a 3D way to gain better understanding.

Media 101 VR

Practice engaging with the media under various situations in VR. Whether you are in a leadership role or want to touch up on impromptu speaking, this application will get you as close as you can get to the real thing.

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