Who We Are

Our Team

Dr. Martin Ferguson-Pell
Co-director of the Rehabilitation Robotics Lab

Yvonne Trethart
VR 3D Artist and Special FX Makeup Artist

Harish Prabhakar
XR Undergraduate Student Trainee

Nathanial Maeda
CogPro Technical Director of Operations

Yashna Islam
VR & Applications Development Intern

Valery Dufour
XR Art Director and Marketing Design Futurist

Jordan Lane
Software Developer and C# Enthusiast

Emma Chrenek
Undergraduate Junior Researcher

Alberta Innovates XR Head

In collaboration with the Glenrose Hospital, Cognitive Projections has received the XR Head Grant that is awarded for projects that identify with using XR for innovation and human benefit. Cognitive Projection aims to develop innovative XR solutions to increase patient rehabilitation success while being more meaningful and education to the patient experiencing the treatment.

Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund

Our drive to utilize emerging new technologies into the efforts of greatly enhancing education has allowed us to receive the TLEF. We develop novel applications like Cell 101 VR and Craniofacial Anatomy that line with out mission of enriching education.

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Cognitive Projections specializes in Artificial Intelligence enhanced healthcare training. This will allow for more tangible experiences in our VR applications. We have taken this opportunity to create a powerful and realistic VR simulation, the OSCE VR, and continue to expand this project