CogPro Cognitive Prosthetics

We’re focused on making small household appliances for people with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers.

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CogPro is a R&D tech start-up based in Halifax, NS, Canada.

Unlike most modern options that are just too complex, CogPro’s products are designed to be deeply familiar in appearance and operation to millions who, because of cognitive or other disabilities, are unable to reliably use the most basic household tools of everyday life.

While CogPro devices are completely recognizable on the surface, to minimize user mistakes they contain hidden controls, which can be programmed by a caregiver or through CogPro’s on-call support centre.

These embedded smarts and our remote back-end systems allow a caregiver to customize the device’s display and operation, to adjust the pre-sets as needed, to monitor usage and react to emergency alerts – from a computer in the same room or across the continent.

There’s no Wi-Fi required; all that’s needed is electricity and a phone connection.

CogPro makes “smart” appliances for any old house.

The CogPro design paradigm

All our products are based on three stages: the everyday user interface, the embedded smarts, and the remote back-end system that are equally applicable in all markets but illustrated here in the context of dementia.

The key to success is familiarity. Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative brain disease and among its first symptoms is the loss of the ability to learn something new. The interface must look, feel, sound and function the way the user remembers.

Through pre-set user limitations, our devices are designed to control mistakes made by the user. Our patent pending technology enables the device displays to be customized by the caregiver or by CogPro support.

This customization allows the caregiver to monitor usage, be alerted to emergencies or adjust the pre-sets.

Take a look at the technical specifications for the Jeeves™ Thermostat Model 1.0.

What can CogPro do for you?

CogPro products will reduce stress and improve the quality of life for both the caregiver and the person with dementia.

By avoiding upsets due to user errors, our devices will facilitate safety, satisfaction and a calmer life for all, deferring a move from the home to an assisted living facility.

Who is CogPro?

Almost 17 million North Americans provide unpaid care for people with Alzheimer’s disease. CogPro founder and CEO Peter Zimmer was one of these.

As an inventor and designer, Peter was able to re-engineer his mother’s familiar old thermostat, telephone and stereo, customizing them for her own needs and habits, which allowed her to use them with ease and extend the time she was able to remain living in her own home.

Now he’s introducing this technology to the wider world with the help of the CogPro team.

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The CogPro team